B2ST’s Junhyung and BTOB ร้องเพลง”First Love”ประกอบซีรีย์เรื่อง ‘Monstar’ OST

เพลงประกอยซีรีย์เรื่อง ‘Monstar’ โดย B2ST ‘s จุนฮยองและวงBtoB ในเพลง”First Love”!’

Music drama ‘Monstar‘ is back to bring you another fun tune with B2ST’sJunhyung and BTOB with the track “First Love“!

Junhyung and BTOB, who are label mates in real life, have been showing how well they collaborate together in the drama as the idol band, Men In Black. Their newly released dance track, “First Love”, expresses the hearts of those who are unable to be honest with their true feelings because of their pride.

Groove to “First Love” and check out the MV above!


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