BTS drop the storyline for “No More Dream” dance version MV

Newly debuted idol group BTS (Bangtan Boys) released their music video for “No More Dream” with a slew of exciting debut stages all weekend long.


The group have now given fans a full look at the complicated choreography with the release of a dance version music video for their title track. With less close-ups and few scene changes the new music video should help all those aspiring cover dancers out there to learn all of BTS’ moves.


What do you think, does BTS have a shot at K-pop superstardom?


BTS (Bangtan Boys) release their debut MV for “No More Dream” + ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ album

Bangtan Boys (a.k.a. BTS) have wrapped up their teasing to bring you the full MV for their debut track “No More Dream“!

The members of Big Hit Entertainment‘s new idol group (VJungkookJiminJin,j-hopeSUGARap Monster) all had a hand in the creating the music for their debut album, ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL‘, lending their personal touch for all aspects of their official entrance into the Kpop scene.

They’ve already left many impressed with their powerful MV teasers, so check out the full version above to see if they’ve lived up to your expectations!

You can also check out the rest of the tracks off the album through the playlist below.